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The 100,000 Strong Foundation is a nonprofit organization launched in 2013 to strengthen US-China relations through Mandarin language learning and study abroad. The Foundation leads a national movement to ensure the next generation of US leaders is equipped to engage effectively with China, a global strategic power, the second largest economy in the world, and America’s fastest growing trade partner. Backed by high-level support from both Washington and Beijing, US governors and members of Congress, and American and Chinese business leaders, the Foundation is committed to dramatically increasing the number and diversity of young Americans learning Mandarin and gaining meaningful experience in US-China relations.

In 2015, more than 300,000 Chinese post-secondary students were enrolled in US colleges, while approximately 25,000 American students studied in China. What’s more, Chinese students studying English outnumber their American counterparts studying Mandarin by 600 times. In order to ensure that the US economy remains competitive and that both nations collaborate to address global challenges, 100,000 Strong is preparing tomorrow’s leaders today.

The Foundation leads three signature initiatives that focus on supporting the full spectrum of American youth, spanning from our youngest students through young professionals entering China-related careers.

  • 1 Million Strong: 1 Million Strong is a national campaign to expand fivefold Mandarin language learning in US K-12 schools from approximately 200,000 to one million by 2020. Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping announced this ambitious effort in September 2015.
  • 100K Strong: Announced in 2009, 100K Strong is a presidential initiative whose initial goal of seeing 100,000 Americans studying in China by 2014 was surpassed. The Foundation continues to work with both Washington and Beijing to expand and diversify US study abroad to China.
  • US-China Alumni Ambassador Network: The Foundation’s robust and growing US-China Alumni Ambassador Network engages American and Chinese youth who have participated in cross-cultural exchange programs, connecting and cultivating these future leaders as they pursue their professional careers.

By simultaneously engaging prominent US and Chinese students and stakeholders, the Foundation is shaping a more constructive future for US-China relations.


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