US China Alumni Network


The US-China Alumni Network will seek to develop future leaders of US-China relations through professional development and engagement opportunities that foster commitment to US-China relations. The soon-to-be-launched network will build upon the US-China Strong Foundation’s signature Student Ambassador program that mobilizes over 500 young leaders involved in US-China relations to encourage more Americans to learn Mandarin and study in China. The network will work to connect American and Chinese peers to share experiences, collaborate on projects and engage in professional development.

The need to strengthen US-China relations by investing in a new generation of leaders who have the knowledge and skill to engage with China could not be more important. That is why, through the US-China Alumni Network, our young people—the next generation of American and Chinese leaders—will ensure that, together, we are prepared to confront our most pressing global challenges.

The Foundation will provide a variety of benefits to assist American and Chinese alumni with professional development in US-China relations, including: networking events, webinars, job postings, mentorship matching and more. In doing so, the Foundation will create meaningful engagement opportunities that foster commitment to US-China relations by sustaining life-long connections; celebrating alumni achievements; facilitating learning and the exchange of ideas; and promoting professional development opportunities. With the expansion of the Student Ambassador program to the US-China Alumni Network, the Foundation aims to secure the long-term engagement of American and Chinese students and young professionals to deepen and sustain ties between the two countries’ next generation of leaders.

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