September 17, 2013

Inaugural group of eight organizations to help 100,000 Strong promote US-China strategic relationship through study abroad


WASHINGTON, DC, Sept. 17, 2013 – The 100,000 Strong Foundation announced on Tuesday the selection of an inaugural group of eight signature partners that will work with the Foundation to advance its core mission of promoting the US-China strategic relationship through study abroad.

The eight signature partners are:

• Americans Promoting Study Abroad;
• The American Association of State Colleges and Universities;
• The Asia Society’s US-China Fellows;
• The China Institute;
• Teach for China;
• The Thurgood Marshall College Fund;
• Community Colleges for International Development; and
• The Yale-China Association.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with these distinguished organizations,” said Carola McGiffert, president of the 100,000 Strong Foundation. “Each is a leader in the field of study abroad and can serve as a model for other programs around the country. These partners are making our goal of increasing and diversifying study abroad a reality.”

Each year, the Foundation will select five to 10 signature partners whose work to expand Mandarin language and study in China supports the Foundation’s mission. In selecting the 2013 partners, the Foundation’s board of directors placed a heavy emphasis on a demonstrated commitment to the diversification of study abroad. The Foundation defines diversity as those groups that are underrepresented in study abroad, including but not limited to minority students; low-income students; first-generation students; community college students; and students from K-12 public school systems, particularly from underserved communities.

“Ensuring that all our young people have access to study abroad is critical to the Foundation’s mission,” said Leeanne Dunsmore, board member and chair of the Foundation’s diversity committee. “This is not only about equity; it is also a strategic investment: we want to make sure that our future workforce is prepared to succeed in the global economy.”

The eight organizations join 100,000 Strong founding partners, American University’s School of International Service and Project Pengyou. More information on the Foundation’s partnerships can be found at

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