Dear Friends,

On Friday, during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first state visit to Washington, DC. President Barack Obama announced “1 Million Strong”, a new 100,000 Strong Foundation initiative to see one million American students studying Mandarin by 2020–a dramatic five-fold increase! This is a huge step toward ensuring that our next generation of leaders are China-savvy and prepared for the 21st Century.

“After all, if our countries are going to do more together around the world, then speaking each other’s language, truly understanding each other is a good place to start,” said President Obama at a joint press conference with President Xi. To follow news coverage regarding 1 Million Strong, click here.

Watch President Obama Announce 1 Million Strong

We are thrilled about this new challenge and we are confident we will get there. How? President Obama outlined a clear strategy: double the number of Mandarin language teachers in US schools; develop Mandarin curriculum norms; and employ new technology platforms to enhance the accessibility of language learning to remote and underserved communities.

The 100,000 Strong Foundation will work closely with local governments and school districts across the country to develop and implement these programs. We’ll partner with technology and online education leaders to ensure that students, regardless of background or geography, have access to Mandarin language study.

The 100,000 Strong Foundation has worked with a wide range of stakeholders to encourage US students to study abroad in China. In 2014, we proudly met our goal of seeing 100,000 Americans study in China between 2010-2014. Given our success so far, we know we can reach our latest goal of getting 1 million American students studying Mandarin over the next five years. Please join us in supporting 1 Million Strong!


Carola McGiffert
President & CEO