Invitation to Submit Letter of Intent Regarding 1 Million Strong Initiative

UPDATE: Thank you to all who submitted Letters of Interest (LOI).  We are no longer accepting LOIs for the 2016 application cycle. As a next step, we have invited a select group of candidates to submit a request for proposal to become official implementation partners. We look forward to announcing these partners in Fall 2016 and working with them to ensure that students from across the country have access to Mandarin language learning!


The 100K Strong Foundation (100K Strong) recently announced the 1 Million Strong Initiativewhich set an ambitious goal to increase the number of US K-12 students learning Mandarin five-fold, to one million, and to increase the number of low-income and minority students studying Mandarin. President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the 1 Million Strong Initiative in late 2015, and 100K Strong has been tasked by the White House to meet this target by 2020.

100K Strong is soliciting Letters of Intent (LOI) from select organizations to collaborate to reach this ambitious goal. As a first step in this process, LOIs will offer preliminary indications of how organizations wish to engage in this Initiative. Successful respondents to this request will be invited to participate in a Request for Proposal (RFP) process, to eventually be formally recognized as implementation partners in the Initiative.

100K Strong partners will be featured in public activities of this highly-regarded, marquee organization in US-China people-to-people relations. 100K Strong intends that its partners gain increased access to specialized education markets. Partners may also be able to benefit from 100K Strong fundraising efforts.

A Steering Committee – comprised of leaders in US education, foreign language education, and US-China relations – has identified three “pillars” of the 1 Million Strong Initiative that will accomplish the following goals:

  1. Curriculum – The identification, development & promotion of a nationally available series of K-12 Mandarin language curriculum models, which can be used by districts to implement or expand language programs
  2. Teacher Training – The recruitment, certification, and development of an estimated 5,000 new teachers of Chinese language that will be needed in classrooms, in order to serve one million students
  3. Technology Platform – The leveraging of technology to improve outcomes and to dramatically increase access to Mandarin language classes, especially in low income, minority, and underserved communities

A successful LOI will be a simple, succinct narrative that addresses:

  1. In which area or areas (Curriculum, Teacher Training, Technology Platform) could your organization support achievement of  1 Million Strong Initiative targets?
  2. Has your organization previously supported similarly large or complex goals?
  3. What is your experience working with/for state and local level governments or agencies?
  4. What qualifications/specializations/resources set your organization apart from your field?
  5. What constraints, if any, could potentially limit your participation in this project?
  6. Do you have a history of working with any of the 100K Strong Institutional or Signature Partners?
  7. Please identify a principal point of contact for further dialogues regarding the 1 Million Strong Initiative, identify that individual’s role in your organization, and provide their contact information.

Both non- and for-profit entities may participate in this process. LOIs should be at most two pages. Contents or ideas in LOIs will be non-binding and do not constitute any contractual promise on the part of the applicant. Those selected to participate in the follow-on RFP process will be notified within one month of the closing date.