Chicago, IL – (Jan. 26, 2016) – Wanxiang America Corporation, the University of Chicago, and the Paulson Institute signed a three-year agreement making the Paulson Institute a partner of the Wanxiang Ambassador Fellows Program, a study abroad program created by Wanxiang and the University of Chicago. The Wanxiang Ambassador Fellows Program, sends University of Chicago students to Hangzhou, China to study Mandarin language, Chinese culture, and clean energy. The program works in collaboration with the 100,000 Strong Foundation, which aims to increase the number of Americans learning Mandarin and studying in China.

Established by former United States Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, the Paulson Institute works to strengthen US-China relations and to advance sustainable economic growth and environmental protection in both countries. The Paulson Institute’s involvement in the Fellows Program will increase student understanding of clean energy by bringing them together with clean energy experts to discuss key policy issues.

Since 2013, Wanxiang and the University of Chicago have been partners in supporting the 100,000 Strong Foundation mission. 113 University of Chicago students have studied in Hangzhou through the Wanxiang Ambassador Fellows Program, which has become one of university’s most popular study abroad programs.

Rachael Ward, University of Chicago’s Deputy Director for Student Services, signed the agreement on behalf of the school, and said the University is grateful to be joined by the Paulson Institute and to reaffirm its partnership with Wanxiang.

At the signing ceremony, Pin Ni, President of the Wanxiang America Corporation, said he is honored to work with both the University of Chicago and the Paulson Institute. Ni said that the Institute’s positive impact on US-China relations and focus on the development of clean energy makes it a “perfect match,” for the program. Secretary Paulson expressed similar sentiments noting that the Wanxiang Ambassador Fellows Program’s emphasis on clean energy and promoting US-China cooperation makes it a “perfect fit” for the Paulson Institute. Secretary Paulson emphasized the importance of maintaining good relations between the two countries, and said he is delighted to work with a program that has a positive impact on the US-China relationship.

“There is no more important linkage than people,” he said, explaining that countries where the people know and understand each other are less likely to find themselves in serious conflict. “The student-to-student level is really important.”

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About the 100,000 Strong Foundation

The 100,000 Strong Foundation is a bipartisan nonprofit that has been endorsed by the US and Chinese governments. The Foundation’s mission is to strengthen the US-China relationship by dramatically increasing the number and diversity of US students studying in China and learning Mandarin. 100,000 Strong is dedicated to ensuring that America’s next generation of leaders is prepared to compete, collaborate and succeed in a world in which China plays a central role.

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