Dear Friends,

We’re excited to announce our new “Perfect World Scholarship” with the American Councils for International Education! US-China Strong will work with Perfect World and American Councils to provide scholarships to two lucky students wishing to study abroad in China.

The two students – with support from Perfect World, a Chinese leading entertainment industry group – will study in China this summer. American Councils, an international nonprofit committed to increasing access to education, will administer the program. In addition to the scholarships, American Councils will receive two free round-trip tickets provided by United Airlines – our official airline partner since 2016 – for their students’ China study abroad experience.

The two students who received our Perfect World Scholarships are Richard Burke, a junior in Rye Country Day School in Rye, New York, and Jacqueline “Jackie” Hall, a sophomore in West High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. They aim to improve their Mandarin language skills and learn about Chinese culture, history and business practices while studying in China.

Richard Burke

“The opportunity to spend six to eight weeks in language classes and living with a host family would dramatically help with my language study. I’m hopeful to take the AP Chinese exam at the end of my senior year in high school. To have the experience of living in China this summer would be a tremendous assistance in reaching that goal.”

Jackie Hall

“I expect to be working with an international community as part of my career, so I hope to gain skills in working with and talking to people that have very different backgrounds than I do. I want to be able to hold a technical conversation with someone in Mandarin and understand what he or she is saying.”

We can’t wait to see how Richard and Jackie enjoy China and improve their Mandarin skills as they join the ranks of our 1 Million Strong campaign to see one million US students learning Mandarin by 2020. Keep up to date on all things US-China Strong with our WeChat Official Account and learn more about our Student Ambassadors, partners and more. Thanks so much to Perfect World and American Councils for helping to strengthen US-China relations, one student at a time.

Thanks, as always, for your support.

The US-China Strong Foundation