G-MEO China (Global Maximum Educational Opportunities, Inc.) offers unique study and intern abroad experiences year-round in the dynamic city of Chengdu at the Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad on the downtown Sichuan University campus. Join G-MEO for a semester program, summer courses, credit-bearing internship, or a faculty-led program. Generous scholarships and awards, including the Chengdu Mayor’s Achievement Award, allows students to meet academic and professional goals while exploring the perfect mix of traditional and modern China. For more information, visit www.gmeochina.com. Below is a story from one of G-MEO’s alumni. Summer 2019 Internship student, Torri Hixon, is studying International Business at Norwich University.

Torri Hixon, Student at Norwich University

This summer, I had the great pleasure and honor of studying and interning abroad in Chengdu, China for 11 weeks.  While in China, I took two classes, Basic Chinese and Professional Development, and I was a law intern at the DeHeng Law Offices in the High-Tech Zone of Chengdu. It was a fantastic opportunity to intern at such a prestigious law firm and I was able to make valuable connections with many intelligent and successful women and men.  It was particularly valuable for me to get to work in a world power such as China because it augments my knowledge of International Business (my academic major). My Chinese class, although an entry level course, was rigorous and taught me over two hundred Chinese words. I found that Chinese is an interesting language and loved taking the opportunity to converse with locals using the new phrases I was learning in class.  

Outside of the classroom, I had a wonderful time exploring the city of Chengdu with my new friends. We went to many places in Chengdu such as the Global Center (the biggest building in the world), Chunxi Road, the Wenshu Monastery, and People’s Park. I tried many of the local Sichuan meals including the spicy, hotpot! Also, I got to have some incredible experiences traveling to different cities in China. The transportation is very good in China and I was able to ride on the high-speed train to various cities at a low price.  Over the summer, I visited Leshan, Emeishan, Xi’an, Beijing, and Qingcheng.

Visiting these different parts of China was absolutely amazing and gave me memories that will last a lifetime. It is difficult to fully express the impact that going abroad to China had on me. I was able to open myself up to an entirely different culture, language, and way of life. Being in China taught me so many things that I never could have gained had I just stayed in my home country and comfort zone. I deeply encourage other American students to go abroad to China and have amazing experiences of their own learning, traveling, and growing as a more cultured and worldly individual.

Disclaimer: The US-China Strong Foundation is pleased to make information publicly available about programs that assist American students in learning about China and its language. This promotional piece is not meant to serve as an official endorsement of G-MEO or its programs.