8 July 2019

As part of her Student Ambassador project duties, Liana Tilton, a nominee of the Yale-China, wrote a post about her experience teaching Chinese culture at a local school. 


Teaching a Chinese Culture Class to Students at the Davis St. School

For my second project, I decided to spread my knowledge and love of Chinese culture to the students the Davis St. School in New Haven, CT. I chose the Davis St. School because my high school, the Hopkins School, often tutors the Davis St. elementary students in various subjects such as math and English. What Hopkins does not tutor or teach is Chinese, so I contacted the school principal to ask if I might be able to teach a class. She responded, letting me know the third-grade teacher was interested in me teaching a Chinese culture class. The timing was perfect because we were amidst Chinese New Year. I created my own lesson plan that consisted of telling the Chinese New Year story about Nian and the villagers, making Chinese lanterns, and teaching them some basic expressions in Chinese. I had a wonderful time with the students, and I am hoping to return to teach another class sometime in the near future!