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Any student can be a part of US-China Strong: choose from a wide variety of study abroad opportunities, including language immersion programs, cultural and field-specific exchanges, scholarships and fellowships. Use our collection of study abroad resources to find the China program that’s right for you.

Study Abroad Resources

In 2015, approximately 25,000 American students studied in China, while more than 300,000 Chinese post-secondary students were enrolled in US colleges. The US China Strong Foundation is committed to increasing the number and diversity of Americans that study abroad in China. Whether you want to study in Beijing, Chengdu, or Hangzhou, use our collection of study abroad resources to find the China program that speaks to your interests.

Scholarships Resources

Only 10 percent of US students study abroad – and even fewer choose China. That number further decreases for low-income students and students of color. The US-China Strong Foundation is committed to shifting this imbalance and lowering financial barriers to study abroad in China. With dozens of scholarships available from the US and Chinese governments and private institutions, students from all backgrounds can fund their journey to China. Explore our collection of scholarships and fellowships to make study abroad more affordable for you.

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