Video Series


Help students Find Their China


Learning Kungfu in Beijing

Jon Wright, 18
Vienna, VA
Oakton High School
School Year Abroad Beijing ‘15

“China is the birthplace of Kungfu. Kungfu’s rich history gives me the opportunity to experience Chinese culture and connect with Chinese people.”


Working with the Disabled Community in Chengdu

Tailor Dortana, 21
New York, NY
American University ‘16
Sichuan University

“As an intern at the Chengdu Disabled Federation, I get to talk to people with disabilities and show them that it’s possible to positively identify as disabled; it has been an incredible experience.”


Teaching English in Hangzhou

Juanique S. McNeill, 23
Washington, DC
North Carolina Central University
English Teacher, Hangzhou No. 9 High School

“Teaching English in Hangzhou has given me an opportunity to see what the other side of the world looks like. There are endless possibilities, and I want to make my own path.”

Hong Kong

Studying Public Policy in Hong Kong

Kamaal Thomas, 20
Los Angeles, CA
UC Davis ‘16
Hong Kong University

“In Hong Kong, you can build an expansive network with people from across the world while also developing the skills and cultural understanding that are essential to doing business in this globalized economy.”


Writing Style Columns in Shanghai

Mayura Jain, 24
Los Angeles, CA
UCLA ‘12
Shanghai Theatre Academy

“As a columnist at City Weekend Shanghai, I follow trends in fashion and design. Fashion in Shanghai is on the radar right now. It has the energy of New York in the 70s or Berlin in the 90s.”


Working in Microcredit in Urumqi

Kane Thomas, 23
Seattle, WA
Washington and Lee University ‘14
Tianrong Microcredit

“I have learned the nuts and bolts of the microcredit industry while living in Urumqi… Due to the loans we provide, small vendor borrowers are able to open multiple businesses.”