US-China Strong Foundation Student Ambassadors

Each year, the US-China Strong Foundation selects American students to serve as ambassadors at the grassroots level. These students represent the diversity of America. They have studied in China and have a deep understanding of Chinese culture and history. As ambassadors, they not only share their transformative China experiences, but also play a vital role in furthering the Foundation’s mission.

  • Student Ambassadors from all over the nation tour DC at the 2014 Student Reunion Conference

  • Students at the 2013 100,000 Strong Foundation Conference

Student Ambassador Projects

Student Ambassadors commit to three projects a year that are aimed at promoting Mandarin language learning and study abroad in China. See how Student Ambassadors are taking action.

  • Explore Creative Spaces

    Using the arts is a powerful way to bridge cultural differences. 100,000 Strong Foundation Student Ambassadors have bold ideas for how to do this.

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  • Use Media as an Outlet

    Media is a strong tool in effecting change. 100,000 Strong Foundation Student Ambassadors are creating videos, fun presentations, websites, and more, to encourage students to follow in their footsteps.

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  • Engage Your Community

    There are a number of ways to engage your community in the 100,000 Strong Foundation mission. Lead a session at a conference. Host an event. Discuss your experiences on a radio show. Increasing cross-cultural exchange with China requires grassroots engagement.

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