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The 100,000 Strong Foundation formally launched in 2013 by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to help answer President Barack Obama’s call to deepen Americans’ understanding of China through study abroad. It is the 100,000 Strong Foundation’s mission to promote the expansion and diversification of Americans studying Mandarin and studying abroad in China. The goal is to bridge the gap between cultures, strengthen the bilateral economic and strategic relationship, and enhance global stability.

Any student can potentially be part of 100,000 Strong! A wide variety of study abroad opportunities, from language immersion programs to cultural and field-specific exchanges, as well as scholarships and fellowships, are available. Students should consult with local educational institutions, high schools, colleges and universities about the range of opportunities and explore a variety of resources on funding and programs. This resource guide will help you get started.


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China Study Abroad Statistics


12x 12 times more Chinese study in the US than Americans who study in China
1/3 More than one third of China’s population studies English
60K Only about 60,000 K-12 students in the US study Mandarin
23% The number of Chinese studying in the US jumped 23% last year, compared to a 5% increase in the number of Americans studying in China